Thursday, December 8, 2011

6 Week Photo Shoot

Has it really been 6 whole weeks since I first got to hold my amazing baby boy? It's still weird every now and then to stop and remember, "Oh yeah: I'm a mom now! That's my son." Calling Ethan my son still hasn't lost its novelty. I know I spend every day with him pretty much non-stop, but that doesn't mean it's sunken in yet; the reality of having a child.

That said, I have gotten pretty used to basking in his above-average cuteness. I've got the whole indecently-proud-momma routine down pat. I can be nauseatingly infatuated with my child like the best of 'em. Just witness, for instance, the lovely photo shoot we staged after watching about 6 episodes of Up All Night. Which, I have to add, is most definitely my new TV jam. Line most true to life? When Christina Applegate tells her BFF that the only way she fit into her work clothes was because, "I'm wearing a girdle and two pairs of Spanx!" Preach, sistah girl; preach.
I see you...

Having a whale of a time (har har)


And now...Blue Steel!

Frank Sinatra's got nothing on these blue eyes

This is my serious face.


  1. Oh, be still my heart. If he were standardized tested on cuteness he would definitely be "Advanced."

  2. I love all these pics! He's SO cute and the whale background is just adorable. :)