Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And Now, For A Word From Our Sponsors

Today was pretty darn good as days go. Thanks to an unfortunately sick baby, I got up earlier than I normally do. Usually, this would be a cause for tears and a good long wallow through the trenches of self-pity, but not so today. With my early start, I managed to:

  • call the NHS direct line to make sure of what medicines I can give Ethan for his cold. There's not much on the list at a mere 2 months old.
  • Call the GP to get him an appointment to have his first round of immunizations taken care of.
  • Go to Boots and pick up a bulb syringe, saline spray, and a little something extra.
  • Go to M&S to try and hunt down ties for my brother-in-law's wedding in 6 days.
  • Call my mother-in-law to coordinate the details for picking up said ties before we head to their house on Christmas Eve Eve. (Yeah; it's juvenile and redundant-sounding, but I had to.)
  • Go to Sainsbury's to do some last-minute grocery shopping for odds and ends.
  • Pick up lunch at McDonald's and get back home to put away said groceries and take a break watching an episode of Downton Abbey.
  • Head back out to the GP to keep the aforementioned appointment for E's shots.
  • Swing by Boots again to pick up some Calpol to keep Ethan happy if he's feverish or coldy or fussy and angry after his doctor's appointment.
  • Get back home, watch some more Downton Abbey, then tidy up, get dressed to hit the gym, and get dinner started.
All this motivation is brought to you by...nail polish.

I fully admit my shallower side. Nice new nail polish got me through the day. Now if only the Husband would get home so I could actually go to the gym and drop my book back at the library...

A lovely curry dinner

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