Friday, February 7, 2014

Finding A Groove

The second week home with two little boys has been much more calm than the first. Sure, there was the incident where Ethan tried to intubate his brother with the antenna of a LEGO car, but everyone still seems to be alive and in one piece.

Monday was fairly quiet, but on Tuesday we managed to drag ourselves out to the park for a bit. In the interests of donating some old maternity clothes and baby clothes neither of the boys really wore, I decided to get out to the charity shops...which meant a convenient stop for E at the best of the local playgrounds. I could only countenance letting him play for about half an hour, though: it was frigid outside! (And, stellar mother that I am, I forgot to bring his hat & gloves.)

No matter how long it is, he never forgets his love of the roundabout.
Wednesday was play group in the morning followed by the world's longest naps. That meant a Doctor Who marathon for Mama. Also? The cutest cuddling session known to man.
Thursday started early with a family trip to the dentist. Then the afternoon saw us out for a few hours hanging out at the library with our friends and then running a couple of errands that I'd been unintentionally procrastinating for days. The evening meant a lovely night out for me heading to the gym. "Me Time" that's also exercise is great: I can just unplug and listen to music. I don't have to think, I don't have to change anyone's nappy or run anyone to the potty posthaste, I don't even have to maintain conversation about whatever Disney/Pixar movie is currently playing: I can just recharge my batteries and work up a good sweat.

The really hilarious part of Thursday, though, was this:
E decided he needed to take a turn with the breast pump. He proceeded to lift his shirt and shout, "Get milk out! Get milk out!" Today, that progressed to his request to help feed his brother a bottle. Luckily, he was actually really good at it, and Tristan accepted his big brother's inexpert but enthusiastic help like a champ.

With all the rain and freezing cold wind this week today would have been a great day to get outside, but E wasn't having it. So I threw open the windows and did a bit of tidying while the boys played & slept in the living room. I even got a chance to try some Ballet Bootcamp during naptime!
I have to admit, this is feeling pretty good so far. Of course, there are those moments where both kids are crying, or they've both managed to soil themselves, but the good & the manageable moments definitely outweigh the bad & the frantic.
And now, to round out the day with a bowl of chili, some TV, and a cuddle on the couch with all three of my boys. It's nice to feel like things are reaching even a tenuous state of equilibrium. Here's to the beginning of our family of four!

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