Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Time for Mistletoe and Holly

Not only was I in the grip of some raging cabin fever today, I desperately needed to do something else Christmas-themed to get myself back in the mood. Don't get me wrong, I've had my playlist in iTunes on for days now, and I've even added a few selections (and will be adding several more I've forgotten about just as soon as I've posted this), and the tree and Nativity set are up. I've even wrapped some presents! But still, there was a little something missing.

So, despite his reluctance to leave the house - especially since he was banned from bringing most of his toy trains - I got E in the car and we drove to Next to do a bit of Christmas shopping (not that much needed to be done. The crutches have enforced a policy of online shopping this year) and to hang out in Costa.

After a few rides on the lifts and the escalator we settled down at the 'tables' as Ethan dubbed them. Honestly, what trip to Next nowadays would be complete without basically unnecessary back-to-back escalator rides? That's how I sell him on the idea of leaving the house: 'Do you want to go to the store with the fun stairs?' Yup. I bribe my kid with escalators.

When it was time to head home, I decided I wanted to kill some more time out of the house, so as we turned onto our street, I asked E if he wanted to go find some Christmas lights. As he was game - and as the Christmas CD the Husband had put on in the car had just started playing It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - I thought we should just go for it.

E loved pointing out all the different lights and their colours. He also got into the routine of saying goodbye to them as we drove off in search of the next lot. Alas, his wishes of cuddling the lights weren't to be, but he took it like a champ when I said that we'd go home to see our own tree and our own lights.

So, it wasn't quite the Christmas Fair I'd psyched myself up for today, but then, it would have been quite the late start after his nap anyway. He insisted on a bit of cuddling in front of Doctor Who before being willing to commit himself to wakefulness this afternoon. #nerdbaby I was more than happy to indulge a desire for a prolonged cuddle on the couch, so I can't really complain. Besides, we have a few other days this week in which we can nip up to Newbury to check out the stalls.

Hey, between today, the Christmas Fair, and whenever I get around to making cookies, I'm definitely getting my Christmas on this year; looming due date be damned! Hey, when I haven't yet worn out the Husband's Christmas enthusiasm, I've got to make the most of it!

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