Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Year In Instagram

Alas, doing this at any time earlier than New Year's Eve means that my review of the year will be woefully incomplete. But there's still plenty that's gone on, so let's take a look, shall we?

via, Make A Long Story Short
January: I can't believe how small E used to be! For that matter, I can't believe how small I used to be. Right in the middle of training for my first half marathon.
February: My little monster in the midst of his cheesy Wotsit obsession and one of the many adorable Valentines that the Husband left for me to find around the house.
March: My mommy came to visit and we took her to London for a day! Then, later in the month it was time for our half marathon in Fleet. A very fun month despite being very cold and miserable.
April: As the weather started to get nicer, E gained an obsession with his daddy's bike and Kerri and I took the kids out to Farnham Castle for a day. Of course, that day was also when I broke the news to my mom that I was pregnant!
May: We were still technically flying under the radar with the pregnancy at this point, so many days were spent wallowing in bed with morning sickness. E took to dressing up and got quite interested in trying to help play my flute.
June: We came out in the open about Baby #2 after our first sonogram. At the end of the month it was off to Austria for our anniversary and to pick up my sister from school.
July: We had a lovely day at the beach with our friends in the middle of the month. We also took the kids out to a lavender field one day for a change of scenery and some good photo ops.
August: With our National Trust membership, we decided it would be a good idea to check out a few more local properties. It made for a few great days out. Oh! And we got our second look at our baby! We found out he was a he as well.
September: As pumpkin season started to kick it, we got to have a day out at Family Fun Day. With E really old enough to appreciate it this year, we made sure to do it properly.
October: We weathered a week without the Husband just before E's 2nd birthday, and I weathered making that 3D train cake. We also actually got around to carving the pumpkin we picked up from Garson's in time for E to enjoy having a jack-o-lantern. And then the Husband nearly singed his eyebrows off trying to blow out a raging fire one of the candles had started.
November: We took E to his first - and second - Bonfire Night displays and he loved them. The month rolled on and after our sickly week off for Thanksgiving, it was time to get ready for Christmas!
December: Well, the tree, the Julebukks, the Nativity, and the wreaths are all up, and now all that's left is to sit back and await the arrival of our second little boy! Quiet as I'm trying to keep it - mostly for my own sake - I'm sure December will continue to be another interesting and eventful month for us. Stay tuned!

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  1. Lots of great pictures!!
    So cool to see how much E has grown this month! Just think, next year when you do the year in pics you will have 2 kids!!