Friday, November 1, 2013

Chitter Chatter

E's getting more and more talkative lately and so I had to snap this quick video on my phone to share with all of the far-flung family and friends. To my unending amusement, he woke up at 5 this morning shouting, 'Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks!' No idea why. He went right back to sleep afterwards. There was another day where he woke up in our bed, sat up and shouted, 'Hoodie! Hoodie!' a few times before lying back down to sleep for another hour.

The sleep talking is hilarious to me, but even in general, he's become much more garrulous lately. He spent the whole of this morning nattering away non-stop to the Husband...who was barely left with time to get ready for work. Even I was re-awoken prematurely to a little curly-headed boy proudly exclaiming, 'Sponge!' as he presented me the object in question like I was being given the Victoria Cross.

So I decided I had to capture some of his funnier new words this morning, and this was the result:

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