Friday, November 1, 2013

A Little Something Extra

At E's party last weekend, everyone came bearing gifts, but Rachel came with a little something extra...not for E but for me.

One of the blogs she reads - The Alison Show - is run by a lady who makes these lovely leather mobiles. Rachel had apparently ordered one at some point, but it had come in the wrong colour scheme. Rather than making her return it, Alison suggested that she, 'pass it along to someone who will appreciate it.' And that person was me!

The mobile is the limited edition Gigi colour scheme. I love it! It looks brilliant in the nursery: Ethan is quite taken with the idea that it's in there for the new baby and that the baby will share his room after a while.
via, The Alison Show
It's always nice to have or do a little something new every now and then!

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