Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Being a Big Boy

We're in the midst of that frightening and obvious reality that children don't stop growing up just because you stop paying attention to the passage of time. E has already started potty training and is taking to it with surprising skill for his age. But now, with Baby #2's arrival swiftly approaching (but never quite swiftly enough), we've decided that between a new roommate on the horizon and a potential need to wee in the night that it was time to get a big boy bed for the nursery.
This was another wonderful Gumtree find. Just a short drive out near Godalming past Waverley Abbey and we had ourselves a cot that turns into a toddler bed. Of course, it still needs a bit of outfitting, and that, I think, is where E's birthday will come it. Our plan is to collaborate with the Husband's brother, Angus, and Spoonflower to make a duvet cover and pillowcase set for the bed. Possibly covered in trains?
E has been loving his new bed. Just as we'd hoped, it's a place he likes to sit and snuggle while we read books, and he's just as comfortable sleeping in it as he ever was in his crib. I think the appeal of having a bed like Mama & Daddy's that he can just climb in and out of at will was always going to be a big one.
So, even more now than before, the nursery is still evolving. And, rest assured, there are still a few more changes to come to this tiny space before Christmas is upon us. There's a bit of tweeking still required before the double occupancy phase can start.

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