Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Screen Style: Charlie and Lola

It's that time again. I've been meaning to get around to another Screen Style post for ages, but nothing was really catching my eye. I've watched a few new things here and there, but there's been nothing that really made me want to look into its style. Then I had A Moment.

I was letting E watch some Charlie and Lola the other day when the Autumn Special episode came on. Most years, when August rolls around I'm already jonesing for autumn without any extra encouragement. But this year, what really set of my wistful pining for dead leaves, crisp breezes, and all things pumpkin was this Charlie and Lola episode. Suddenly, I needed to tell E all about his birthday and pumpkin picking, and Halloween; and go out collecting acorns and conkers to decorate the table.

So in tribute to kickstarting my unhealthy recurring obsession with the last four months of the year, here's a look at the style of Charlie and Lola (with all due credit to Lauren Child, who wrote the books long before it was a TV show).

1) 'This room looks a bit like our house: there are lots of patterns everywhere!' That's how Lola describes Interior With Aubergines by Henri Matisse. With such an endorsement, I thought it was fitting to include a print of this painting. Of course, the same episode features works by Van Gogh, Lichtenstein, and Cedric Morris; so there's plenty of options if Matisse isn't your cup of tea.

2) The Orla Kiely abacus flower wallpaper looks like the sort of thing that ought to be in Charlie & Lola's kitchen. It has bold pattern and a pop of fun colour...and looks (especially in this picture) rather mid-century modern. The other image, from The Pursuit of Style, looks like Mrs. Summer's style, too.

3) For a more grown-up version of the square-ish rucksacks that Charlie and Lola carry, this Dr. Martens brown leather rucksack really does the trick. Even I could be convinced to go back to a two-strap bag if I had one like this.

4) Of course, no screen style post is complete without including a few outfits to try. This collection I cobbled together on Polyvore has looks for both Charlie and Lola...depending on who you'd rather emulate.

5) Perhaps you could snag this Centro Caraffe from Design Within Reach to keep in the fridge to store your pink milk. Though personally, I'm not keen on strawberry-flavoured milk, so my pink drink of choice might be this smashed raspberry lemonade (virgin or alcoholic as your preference dictates!).
via, A Beautiful Mess
Hope you found something to enjoy there. Oh! And for those who don't actually obsessively follow me on Facebook and Instagram, we have more news on the baby front:


20 weeks and all looks good. Only another 20 weeks to go until D-Day (Delivery Day). Here's hoping the time flies by!

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