Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Place to Begin

Normally, I would do my internet roundups on a Friday, but I've been finding way too much cool stuff to bother with waiting to share.

I will so be using this at the end of the month when it's time to start thinking about getting E his big boy bed. Sure, I may have already taken the measurements and done a floor plan in PowerPoint...but this is just so much niftier! Don't you think? Check the article over on design boom for a few more deets about the release date.

On the Mom Front: Sarah & Duck, also known was my favourite children's cartoon of all time ever, is releasing new episodes starting next week. Also...they're on iTunes. Also also...they have a sneak peek clip of one of their new episodes up on the CBeebies website.
via, Sarah & Duck on Facebook
So this post by Diana on coffee shop chatter is ages old now, but I loved it so much that I did, in fact, spend an entire day with the coffee shop noises webpage open in the background of my browser while I did other chores around the house. It's weirdly soothing. Anyone else work better or sleep better with noise?

Anyone else get confused by these stupid symbols on the care tags of their clothes? In an effort to try and get the Husband's white shirts properly white this morning, I finally went to the trouble of looking up the meanings of laundry symbols on Wikipedia. Now, I think the Husband and I ought to launch a fun, well-designed webpage to explain it all in a way that's much more fun. Or at least, much more aesthetically appealing.

Thanks to Red Magazine, I found She Had Us At Hello. Good photography? Check. Pictures of cute babies? Check. Pictures that make me achingly nostalgic for London? Check and check. This is a new find, but I definitely need to keep checking it out.


A few weeks ago I was in Newbury with my mother-in-law and we passed by the always-fabulous l'Occitane en Provence. I absolutely loved the crisp, clean smell of their verbena eau de toilette, and am seriously contemplating asking for it at Christmas. (Though the other serious contender is the Gardeners' lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn.) I mean: when even my normal love - Eclat d'Arpege - is a bit heavy and heady to my pregnant nose, having something as light and clean-smelling as this Verbena is brilliant.

Thanks to Belle over at Capitol Hill Style for mentioning these gorgeous leopard flats from Nordstrom. I'm coming to realise that I have it bad in a big way for leopard-print and lace accessories.

via, Crave Maternity
Also, as if I needed more incentive to buy maternity clothes, UK brand Crave Maternity are having a sale. And they were even nice enough to thank me for pinning their gorgeous striped scoop neck jersey top! Now, if I can only find a way to justify buying a new shirt. Time to go inventory my wardrobe, I think...

Hope you find something there to enjoy!

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