Monday, July 8, 2013

A Week On Our Own

So, while I have much to catch you all up on, the important point I've come to today is that E and I are on our own. The Husband has been whisked away to the States on a business trip until Friday afternoon and so we - and the ninja fetus - will be without our fearless leader for a few days. The dishes will get much less washing. The bed will be much less cuddly. We might all be very busy making sad faces.

But that won't be all we're doing! Oh no, we actually have quite the full schedule for this week. A meeting on Tuesday night, a midwife appointment on Wednesday, and then come Thursday afternoon we're having a sleepover at the in-laws' place, complete with Ethan and Henry getting some fun cousin playtime. My plan is to find a few other things to keep us both entertained during the week. Today we ran some errands in the morning (Mama needed a new staple gun) and this afternoon should involve a nice trip to the playground. Tomorrow might be some bike riding on a few local trails, and at some point with all the lovely weather, we need to get some pool time. Alas, E seems to have forgotten the months of fun we used to have at the pool and now wants nothing to do with it. Perhaps a different pool is needed...

Taking the opportunity to make myself be productive.
Anyone else have fun ideas for what to do with a toddler on your own? Any thoughts on how not to go stir crazy when you're a single parent for a week? If you give me advice, I'll tell you if it works...just after I get back from lunch in front of some children's TV and a long stint on a playground bench.

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  1. Well, it's been awhile but I spent lots of time doing the "single" parent thing when my boys were babies, toddlers, preschoolers...
    We always tried to have at least 1 planned outing a day. I always cut myself plenty of slack during those days - more TV watching, snackier type meals (less cooking!). And sticking to bed-time for the boys was a MUST!!! I needed that down time at night!
    Good luck - have a great week!!