Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh Yeah, or Ich Habe Vergessen

Ever let time creep up on you only to realise that you've forgotten just how close something really important was? That was me this morning when I thought to myself, 'Oh wait...I ought to start getting in gear for our trip to Vienna.'

That's right, people: Vienna, Austria.
My little sister is graduating from her course over at the diplomatic academy, and the timing of this coincided nicely with the week of our 3rd anniversary. So, of course, the only thing for us to do was hop on a plane over to Austria and spend 4 days and 3 nights living it up in the Hotel Johann Strauss. I still have no idea what we'll hit up for sightseeing, I've only just decided on the restaurant we'll eat at for our anniversary dinner, and my List of Things to Pack only just got started about 20 minutes ago.

This is the only time I'm organized
So what will Ethan be doing during our frolic through Austria's capitol city? Living it up with his grandparents. We wanted to take him, but with graduation from 6-9 in the evening, that mess just wasn't happening. His schedule is already bad enough at the moment without any help, thank you very much Diplomatic Academy.

So now it's time to start planning in earnest, and maybe dust off my old German-English dictionary so as not to make a complete arse of myself in a foreign country. Because this time, it's all on me, people. Sure, we honeymooned in France and I speak not a word of French, but the Husband has spoken it for years, so we were covered. This time, unless Victoria is around to bail me out, my German has to be good enough to get us through. Yikes. I might be saying this a lot...


  1. I LOVE Vienna and the downtown area especially during the evening. You will have the most amazing time:) Btw: English is pretty common there and most shops, restaurants... can understand it:) Happy day, darling.

    1. Diana, anything we ought to go see? My sister has given us a list, but more opinions are always welcome!

      And thanks for the reassurance. It's good to know that if I get stuck I can default to just feels so much better not to be THAT American who didn't even bother to try learning to speak some of the local language before the trip! :)

  2. Vienna would be such a fun place to visit!! Have a great trip!!

    1. Thanks, Kim! Pictures to follow, as always. Those boot camp workouts sound like they're going well! I really want to try something like that, but I'm SO out of shape now!