Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finishing Touches: Paper on Boxes on Shelves

So what feels like months ago now, we mounted some high shelves around the walls of our main hallway. We always knew that having the open storage space would mean that we had to keep it looking tidy. But then...theoreticals are always easier than practicals.  On that note, I decided to take some steps towards actually getting the shelving looking nice.

When we visited Hartley Wintney the other month, I stopped in a store called Cashmere Goose and they had some gorgeous cards and wrapping paper from a brand called Esme Winter.
via, Esme Winter
So, I grabbed a bit of the wrapping paper in the aubergine and mint colours and covered a few of the old shoe boxes we have storing some of our things.

My plan is to keep putting packing tape over the paper. Not because I prefer the glossy finish, but to protect the paper and keep it looking nice for as long as I can. We may not be any more organized than we were, but at least what stuff we have on display up on those shelves is a bit less of an eyesore! I'll have to get some more paper in the coming weeks and cover a few more boxes. Once I do, I'll definitely share some pictures of how those shelves are coming along.

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