Monday, May 20, 2013

7 Minutes

Wow, guess who's been super lazy lately? This chick right here. No blog posts, minimal reading of my feeds, and no interesting day trips or laborious DIY projects to blame it on, either! It all just comes down to pure unadulterated, I-couldn't-be-bothered. I know that sounds horrible, but don't we all have those moments?

Anyway, I finally got off my bum today - both actually and metaphorically - and started being a productive human being again. How did I start that off? By trying out the 7-minute workout that's been making its rounds on the internet.

via, NYT
The Husband has been doing this for a few days now and recommended that I give it a go. Much like my usual initiative to run 1 mile no matter what, this sort of commitment is just short enough not to put you off, but just long enough (and hard enough) to feel like it's worth your while not to just skip it altogether.

You do each exercise going pretty much flat-out as hard as you can for 30 seconds. Then, you get a 10-second break and start the next exercise. Aside from the push-ups, which I simply cannot do, the hardest thing was trying to maintain a wall-sit for 30 seconds. Though attempting to keep good form doing the high-knees running towards the end also had its challenges.

There are plenty of apps around to help you time this exercise, if you're into it. Personally, I've been using this site here ( because I just workout in the living room anyway, so I don't need anything I can take on my phone. Well, at least not until we head to Vienna next month (squee!). Plus, the ticking of the seconds and the bell to signal the start of each exercise and rest period are nice and simple - not obnoxious at all - and keep you on track for those exercises where you can't easily keep your computer monitor in view.

I'm not sure what I think of it in the long term yet, but I was definitely wobbly when I finished; something my muscles haven't been subjected to at the end of a workout in far too long. I think I'll at least be keeping this up for the month to see just how I adapt to it. Hey; there are worse fads to try!

Anyone else trying to get their ass back in gear after some time out of your normal exercise routine? (Seriously; I know I can't be the only one...)


  1. Looks like an intense 7-minutes!!!
    I think we all go through times where it is hard to do certain things (or we just can't be bothered!!) - I'm sort-of struggling with that right now.

  2. I'll be trying it tomorrow morning but as you, I can't do push-ups. Balazs always giggles when I try because I look so funny when I do them. Btw: swimming is perfect for getting back into shape after a time off. It's a great workout for your whole body and it also feels lovely on a hot day:) Happy day, sweetie

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