Monday, April 22, 2013

Stylish Little Men: Old Navy

So this week I wanted to take a look at Old Navy. Again, this is a store I've had clothes from both for me and for E. A very good friend of mine (thank you, Lauren!) bought E some onesies, a hat, gloves, and jeans from Old Navy just after he was born. I absolutely loved the look of everything, though I will say: baby skinny jeans don't work when you have a kid with cloth nappies and cute chubby thighs. Ah well, you can't win 'em all. So yeah: Old Navy's baby trousers seem to be cut a bit slim...but I can't judge every cut based on one pair of skinnies.

The prices are - as you'd expect - great. They're only just above the cheapest store I've seen (cough cough, H&M!) and pretty much on a par with places like Next. And really, all three of those stores will give you clothes of a perfectly acceptable and workable quality. None of the H&M, Next or Old Navy clothes Ethan has had have worn out prematurely or anything. At the least, I can put them on our next baby (when that time comes) before they have to be retired. So: let's get to the clothes!

Patterned dobby shirt ($16.94). The rolled-up sleeves on this shirt are a nice touch. Also, since you can dress it up or down depending on the trousers or shorts you pair with it, this shirt is a brilliant example of a wardrobe staple for little boys.
Pair it with these belted seersucker shorts and it's an absolute winner for church in the summer, or family get-togethers, or a nice picnic.

Snoopy's I Mustache You A Question Tee ($12.94). So freaking adorable. Would it be funnier with Sean Connery on it? Yes. But no kid's going to get that joke. Also: there should be one with the punchline, '...But I'll shave it for later.' That definitely requires Sean Connery to make it work, though.

The Turtle/Alligator Pyjama Set ($14.94). I love how cute this is. And we're already well-established on how much I love two-piece pyjamas.

The pique polo ($8.00). It's always nice to see a good polo for little boys. The only thing about the Gap polos I've seen is that some are quite thick, so they get stiff and cardboard-like after a season or two of wear. Plus, they tend to fit in the arms and shoulders longer than they stay long enough to cover the torso. Since Gap and Old Navy are the same company, I do wonder if this polo might suffer from the same problems. In the end, though, it's not a dealbreaker.

Octopus Baseball Cap ($7.94). Hats are always helpful during the summer to help keep the sun off of baby's delicate skin. If it has a fun pirate octopus on the front, so much the better.

Printed flip flops ($3.94). I love how cute these are. And with the strap on the back, they'll stay on baby boy's feet nicely. I sort of want my own pair of flip flops again now...

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