Monday, April 22, 2013

Mommy Mondays: Leopard Print Heels and Jeggings

I never thought I'd be the sort of person who went in for jeggings, but now I own a pair. I also never thought I'd be the sort of person who had animal print anything and yet, my leopard print high heels are probably my favourite shoes at the moment. I'll still never get there with snakeskin or zebra print...that's just too much.

I love this outfit because it's actually quite simple. The camisole layered underneath gives me good cover for all the bending, squatting  and lifting you do with an active toddler, the jeggings are comfy without being restrictive, and the top is breathable and stretchy. Plus, with a flattering cut, a scoop neck, and just a hint of lace around the collar, it's one of my go-to tops for a smart-casual look. I've had this thing now for about 7 years. It's not going anywhere until the fabric under the arms wears through. I can't begin to describe how sad that will make me.

But the thing that really dresses up this otherwise simple outfit is the heels. Just a pop of print against some nice solid neutrals really makes the whole ensemble feel put-together in a way it wouldn't otherwise. It also helps that the neutrals in this outfit are slightly different than my normal palate of green-or-navy top over blue jeans. Having the darker colour on top and that olive drab in the jeggings is ever so subtly different for me. Even when it's that minor of a change, I like working in different colour combinations to the outfits I wear.

Yes, this seems like a post-breastfeeding sort of outfit: though if you layered a nursing cami under your fancy tee of choice, there's no real reason you couldn't wear this sort of thing with a younger baby. I expect I'll do just that whenever it's time for Baby D #2. As for high heels with a baby? Provided you're not doing more walking than you'd expect to do around a mall, they aren't bad. This particular pair has a short enough heel that I'm not teetering around when I wear them. For indoor days (or outdoor days that aren't in soft grass or mud) they're absolutely fine.

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  1. Love the leopard heels!!!
    I don't have any jeggings - I'm way too hippy for them to ever look cute on me!