Thursday, April 18, 2013

Screen Style: Hot Fuzz

If you haven't seen this gem of a police comedy, I highly recommend it. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, when brought together with director Edgar Wright, are absolutely genius. Granted, the last 20 minutes definitely deserve the world's biggest salty language warning, but it's not much worse than everyone's favourite scene from The King's Speech.

If you listen to Sgt. Frank Butterman (Jim Broadbent), then you know that rural policing isn't easy. But getting some of the look from Hot Fuzz definitely is. So while you may never match Nicholas Angel's skill in advanced cycling, you can at least riff on some of the finer points of the film's style.

Sandford Police Badge patch
I know this one is a bit obvious, but without being able to track down a nifty vintage constabulary badge, having the patch of the made-up Sandford PD badge is a good second choice. Also, take a look at this gallery of old badges. I wish you could collect these easily.

Kid-sized PC Helmet
I used to have one of these as a kid. No joke. And what a cute costume this would make with a little would be so easy!

Cornetto Classico
Considering this is part of the Cornetto trilogy, it's only fitting to down a few of these when watching the movie. Plus, how many of these do Pegg and Frost actually get through during the course of the film?

Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)
'You should get some house plants...I've been tending my peace lily for three years: oxygenates the room, helps you think, relieves stress, it's needs are simple.' That's all you need to say, really.

Small Raku Houses (Rowena Brown at Gallery Fifty Five)
It may not be a perfectly scaled model village, but you could definitely recreate a stylish miniature hamlet on your mantelpiece with these gorgeous pieces by Rowena Brown.

Swan brooch
Luckily, this swan won't be escaping to run riot any time soon. But for all the cuteness of this brooch, don't forget: a swan could kill a man...or break a man's arm.

New Englander Sock Garters
Channel your inner ballet-dancing, supermarket-managing, homicidal fun runner (or just your inner Timothy Dalton) with these sock garters from Dapper Dean on Etsy. They're to die for.

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