Friday, April 19, 2013

A Place to Begin

Another Friday, another chance to recap the week in interesting pictures, videos, and articles. In between enjoying the year's first real sunshine here in England, I've been spending some time having fun on the Interwebs. Here are the highlights of what I've seen this week:

Dove Real Beauty Sketches. Whatever you want to say about Dove using this to sell a product they tell you will make you look/feel better about yourself, I think this does bring up a good point. We are generally our own worst critics. I wonder how negatively I would have described myself? That said, this critique of the ad raises a very fair point as well: our outer beauty shouldn't be so narrowly defined or make up a disproportionate amount of our self-worth. (Thanks to my cousin, Jen, for that second link!)

Wallpaper Wednesday at Love Chic Living. Looking for a fun new wallpaper for that room you've been meaning to redecorate? Or just want some more Pinterest fodder for that dream house you'll one day DIY to death? I high recommend taking a look at Love Chic Living's Wallpaper Wednesday column: she manages to hunt down some amazing finds. From the gorgeous and classic to the artsy or absolutely out-there, I haven't seen anything run-of-the-mill yet!

YHL's Ten Tips for Smoother Travel
I love John and Sherry at Young House Love for lots of things, but as someone who's seen her fair share of planes, I have to agree with their tips for airline travel. It's all practical stuff to think about if you're travelling a lot. Also, it makes me think of my sister's post on airports she's known. I think I could easily write a companion post to that.

via, Waterstones
Marillenbaum's review of Life After Life
Speaking of my sister, go read her review of this, now. And then, go read the book, too, because it sounds awesome. Also, I'd suggest that you cry because you'll never write about another person's book as well as she did. I substituted the crying for some expletive-filled praise, and I think it worked just as well.

via, Swiss-Miss
The Mountain Range pillow. From Three Bad Seeds, on Etsy, for those cute outdoor spaces, populated with Adirondack chairs and plaid flannel blankets that are just asking for that little something extra. (I now not only want this pillow, but to fulfill my dream of a plaid-blanketed Adirondack chair!)

A Gift Stash. The lovely blog You Are My Fave has such cute ideas: and this one is practical to boot. Though I don't know that I wouldn't snag Fantastic Mr. Fox and that game of Bananagrams for myself...

This ASOS midi skirt with pockets looks so stupidly fun to wear. I even have the 3/4-sleeve striped shirt to pair with it. I'm a sucker for dresses and skirts with pockets. It means I don't have to carry a purse just to keep my mobile phone and Burt's Bees on me! (Seriously; aside from the occasion bits of change, tissue, or E's binky, that's all I ever have in my pockets.)

Boyish, manly, well-drawn, hilarious, and occasionally wildly inappropriate. That's what I love about the prints in Sharp Writer's Epic Art Store on Etsy. My personal favourite? Bill Clinton The Lady Killer. It's all about the details...Ronald McDonald with a rocket launcher!? A crocodile with a bomb strapped to it!? Bill's fly is undone and everything...he even worked in the saxophone! I believe this deserves the hashtag #sowrongitsright.

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