Friday, March 15, 2013

Vicarious Tourism: Antiquing

Wednesday was another day for a fun adventure out. We often drive through Hartley Wintney on the way to other destinations, but haven't really had much chance to stop in the village itself. So, I decided to get us both some fresh air and take E out for a short afternoon of antiquing and a bit of wandering around the village centre.

The White Lion is a huge building just outside of Hartley Wintney with a huge collection of antiques, vintage, local crafts, and other odds and ends. Surprisingly, E behaved himself quite well while we were inside, and had the most fun climbing all the stairs the building had to offer. I came away with a fun gas lamp for £5...I just liked the look of it. With a bit of dusting and some glass cleaner, it's now in a fit state to decorate the bookshelves in our living room.

In town we stopped in a few stores including a cute art gallery with adorable pottery, and a small store called Cashmere Goose with fun - if overpriced - accessories, clothing, and little gifts. Well, the clothing was overpriced, but most other things I saw were cute and pretty reasonable. I snagged a cute dish as a Mother's Day present...and then managed to drop it in the car park once we got home. Oops.

After the shopping, E got a chance to run around some more in the huge grove of oak trees that makes up part of the town centre. Mostly though, he just had fun carrying around the battered remains of that little rocket launcher. He refused to be separated from it.

It wasn't the longest trip, but it was a nice day out. It's always good to get some fresh air and enjoy seeing a bit more of the area where we live.

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