Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stylish Little Men: The Children's Place

I will say to start off that this place seems - at least to me - a bit more expensive than I remember it as a kid. However, the clothes E has from here are ones I love. It's all stuff my mum has bought him and sent to us. So I can tell you, for instance, that their trousers seem to run a bit long in the leg, but true to fit in the waist...which is absolutely fine as it lets you cuff the legs of the trousers and get more wear out of them for longer. Also, the collared shirts are good quality as well and while regular buttons are a bit harder to do up on a squirming little boy, they're also more difficult for said boy to undo. If you happen to have a junior stripper on your hands, that is.

So without further ado, let's get to the clothes:

1) Any place that sells ties and bow ties for little boys where I don't have to buy a shirt or 3-piece suit in order to get them has my eternal devotion and love. TCP: I salute you. I also covet every last one of your ties for my little boy. Expect to see pictures of him in a bow tie soon, people. On babies, James Bond, and college professors, bow ties are completely and unfailingly acceptable. No irony required.

2) This straw fedora is so precious that I just might explode from a cute overload. Seriously: my kid would be better dressed than me if I could convince him to keep this on. Especially in the summer when he ought to have a hat on for some extra sun protection anyway! I'd use it as an excuse to buy my own so we could have matching hats and I could say, 'see? Mummy wears a nice straw hat, too. Don't we look so cool?'

3) Something I have to say for The Children's Place: there are lots of good options if you like plaid shirts. And while E has enough of them for the moment, I do love me some plaid shirts. And there are plenty of options here (like the two pictured) that in no way evoke the Brawny Paper Towel guy.

4) Two-piece pyjamas sets are the way to go once you have a kid round about a year old. They can wriggle and squirm much more easily and you get a bit more wear out of things. I still think of E's little toes poking out of his footy pyjamas with a twinge of shame. How long did we let his little feet get squashed before they literally burst the bonds of his clothes!?

5) These shorts are absolutely adorable. E has a pair of trousers in the same style. Some of the more tailored chinos and trousers DO fit a bit slim in the waist (if you have a scrummy chubby boy or if you cloth diaper, this could be an issue), but there are plenty of snazzy options in the 'pull-on' variety.

6) This v-neck jumper is adorable. And there are Argyll versions, too. It doesn't get much cuter than that.

7) These jeans look great: and I appreciate that they aren't covered in cartoon characters, bright colours, or unnecessary graphics. Most jeans from TCP seem to come in the straight cut (though there are also bootcut and carpenter cuts, too.): I approve. Skinny jeans on boys are just a bit too silly, and your baby is far too young to be such a hipster. Though, for the picky fashion-conscious momma, TCP does manage to let you know which sort of wash their denim comes in.

8) I have a pair of these pull-on cargos for E and they're great. The elastic waist holds up nicely without pinching in his little tummy, and there's plenty of room in the cut of the leg to layer him up in the cold or get good ventilation when the weather warms up. Plus, the fabric is super soft, but still durable. I expect these to take a beating and still be ready for Baby D II.

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