Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stylish Little Men: Tea Collection

I have to say, this is a cute collection, but not really the best I've seen in researching this series. It's all a bit on the expensive side. I don't tend to spend $35 on a shirt for me most of the time, let alone someone who will routinely drool & get food on it until he grows out of it in 4-5 months.

That said, I do love the African safari park theme in Tea Collection's clothing. Otherwise, though, it's a bit generic; particularly for the price. If you want a nice gift for someone - either your little guy or a nephew or a friend's son - this could be a great place to go for one or two pieces that add a slightly different spice to a look. Let's dive into what I've rounded up from their current collection:

1) The khaki trousers are a great staple, and the pattern on this polo is adorable. It is a bit much, though, so I'd make sure to keep whatever else your boy wears pretty neutral.

2) For younger babies, this romper suit still brings in the fun pseudo-tribal print of the polo in outfit 1. It's unlikely your little buy would be wearing anything else other than maybe socks or pre-shoes with this, so the potentially overpowering pattern is less of an issue.

3) I think these shoes are adorable. Most kids' clothing stores only tend to have fabric-bottomed shoes for young children and babies, and those aren't really worth the money. Sure, they look cute, but if you have an early walker, like E was, they cause more problems than they solve. If you're worried about cold feet: buy thicker socks. But if you have a kid who's walking, these shoes could be a good second pair.

4) Now that E is getting so much bigger so much faster, I'm becoming a big fan of two-piece pyjama sets. You can get a bit more mileage out of sets that can gap at the waist when needed...not to mention ones that don't have the feet attached. Sure; when baby boy is little, footsie pyjamas are great to keep him warm, but now that we've seen sleepsuits where E's toes are poking through like an old school Hollywood hobo, I'm embracing the top & trousers mode. I love the simple, almost mod lines of the elephant graphic in this print.

5) This kimono romper is fun...a bit like some onesies from H&M. It's so much easier to have no fussing with over-the-head necklines when you have a very little one. Until your little guy can hold his own head up, this sort of closure on his tops and sleepsuits is brilliant. Plus, if you have a sick baby and know you're likely to have to change him a lot, this makes it easier to get dirty clothes off without making your kid any messier.

6) I love seeing real shoes for young kids. These look quite sturdy - not to mention cute - and they would stand up to quite a few walks and days out at the playground. It's difficult to tell how thick the soles are, but they probably wouldn't impede your boy's natural foot strike too much. Of course, let's remember: he probably ought to be walking for a while and walking quite competently before you introduce shoes into the equation.

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