Wednesday, February 27, 2013

16 Months

I decided it was time for another photo shoot today. The camera has a new battery, E was in a good mood, and I'd just found a new set of pyjamas that I'd forgotten that he had (and had finally grown into). It's funny to think that he's nearly a year and a half old, now. Of course, this increasing autonomy means that what used to be fairly easy photo shoots to get through now involve lots of this...

No, Sweetie, can you sand still please? 

No, stand...stand...stand up, please. Feet on the floor.

Yes, that's the camera. No, you can't have it.

Can we put the blanket back, please?

Do you want to come back so Mummy can take a picture?

Yeah, there was lots of this going on during the 20 minutes we were taking some pictures. But, my boy is still a bit of a ham: he knows he's cute and enjoys the attention that a photo shoot involves. I can't wait until I have 2 babies to play with this way...cute overload.

We love to laugh! (No idea what was so funny)

Sitting nicely and waiting for the camera to click.

Hello, Mr. Sock Monkey: let's take a look at your face.

Hug time!

Ummm...he does this a lot. It's apparently really entertaining.

All together now: Aww!
I know that it's a bit conceited to plaster the page with pictures of my son and say, 'look at how cute and adorable he is!'...but I just can't help it. He makes me smile. I want to remember all of these different ages when he's older. It's still so difficult to imagine E as a 5-year-old or a 10-year-old or a 15-year-old! But when he gets to those ages, I don't want to forget what he was like as a baby and a toddler.

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