Friday, February 8, 2013

My Valentine

Once, as I was headed to my Greek Myth class to take a test, I stopped into the post office on campus and was surprised by a giant box of flowers. Tulips, actually. I love tulips. I walked around campus grinning like an idiot, carrying my huge box that had 1-800-FLOWERS stamped on the side. I had a Valentine. And even though he was 5 time zones and an ocean away; he was still mine.

Now, instead of mysterious tulips in my post box, I get tiny heart-shaped cards & croissants in bed. While the content of the cute surprises may have changed, my Valentine hasn't. He's absolutely adorable, thoughtful, and funny.

What's made me come over all sentimental? This absolutely adorable animated short from Disney: Paperman.

While we don't have a serendipitous story of how we met, filled with improbably cute details, this short still makes me think of all the sweet things about first falling for someone. Sure, it doesn't always end as nicely as things do in Paperman, but that first infatuation and eventually falling in honest-to-goodness love can be quaint and endearing experiences that you look back on fondly...however the rest of the relationship went.

Also, how awesome is the animation in this film? The other clips (and Paperclips, their behind-the-scenes shorts...giggle-snort) talk about how they've blended computer-generated and hand-drawn animation for it. Personally, I just love the charm of seeing characters who look like Aladdin & Jasmine, or Eric & Ariel again. That's an aesthetic I fully endorse getting back to. With that said, I might just go indulge my urge to do some drawing now...

via, A Beautiful Mess

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