Thursday, February 14, 2013

Little Romance

Some of the cutest things that the Husband does are also some of the seemingly small things. It's been our tradition that Valentine's Day, our anniversary, and birthdays tend to get celebrated - at least in part - by breakfast in bed. We kept that up today with some candy-and-Nutella covered croissants, gummy lips, hot chocolate, and apple and raspberry juice. Oh, and gingerbread cookies in the shape of hearts. Since E is old enough that we knew he'd be awake and trying to get into everything, we included him in our breakfast, too. He had mini pancakes covered in Nutella and peanut butter and some fizzy fruit snacks (the healthy baby-specific kind).

In the end, I made the woven pixel heart card from Minieco for the Husband. As I was hoping, he loved it. But it wasn't until he left the house that I found what he left for me:

Now, they weren't all collected in one place: I did that so that I could show you how many there were. In fact, they were all scattered over the house in various places that corresponded to the cute and cheesy little puns that he wrote on each one.

On the fridge: 'you give me chills'. On the bowl: 'you bowl me over'. On the bookcase: 'you read me perfectly'.
On the esc key: 'you are my escape'. On the toilet: 'you uncomplainingly put up with my crap'.
By the kitchen utensils: 'you whisk me away.'
He's so good at cute little surprises like this. And it made my day to go scavenging all over the house to find out where they'd all been hidden. My first clue to go looking for them was one that was tacked to the back of my phone.

Anybody else have a cute little surprise waiting for them today? Tonight, we'll be watching E's best friend, Snowy, so her parents can have a night out. Meanwhile, we're taking the kids to a petting zoo nearby, so I need to get moving, pack lunches, and get the wellies out!

Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

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