Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Running Streak, Week 5

The fifth week is where things have started to get interesting. Most of this week has been spent running away from home seeing as how it's been Christmas and all. I've also started using a new app to keep track of my runs. Today was the first day for it: I can start the app on my phone, stick it in my pocket, and just set off as per normal. RunKeeper keeps track of my routes, tracks my average pace, logs the elevation along the way, and lets me set goals. Speaking of setting goals: we've officially signed up for the Fleet Half Marathon on 17 March! So the run streak will keep going and then, once the new year rolls around I'll be kicking up the training plan in earnest.

Anyway, on to the past week:

Thursday: It took me ages to get around to a run this day, so I just did a token mile through the neighbourhood. 7:45 in the evening isn't exactly prime running time when you've got a baby to put to sleep. Mileage: 1 mile.

Friday: Since I'd picked my sister up from the airport, I had free babysitting! (That wasn't the only reason I was glad she was with us) Anyway, having someone who was enthusiastic about playing with E meant I could do more than just a mile without having to bring the jogger along. Mileage: 2 miles.

Saturday: Another jaunt through the neighbourhood after lots of Christmas stocking stuffer shopping in the rain. Mileage: 1 mile.

Sunday: A quick mile after church done in earrings. I forgot to take them out, so between that and the make-up, it was probably the best-dressed mile I've ever done. Also, the new lululemon top has been working out great. Mileage: 1 mile.

Monday: The Husband had his first day off work for the Christmas holiday, and we had a few errands to run, so we ran into town and back. The healthy note to the day was a bit ruined, though when we made a few dozen Christmas cookies with the white chocolate we picked up. Of course, since I had company, I forgot to bring my phone along, so there were no pictures. Oops. Mileage: 2.5 miles.

Tuesday: Christmas! A quick mile once we got to the in-laws' house was all I felt like doing. My main goal for the next few days is just to keep things ticking over. Mileage: 1 mile.

Wednesday: This was the first day I started looking into using RunKeeper. The Husband and his next youngest brother went on a 6-miler together and showed me some of the data that my brother-in-law was able to track. I was sold. (Today's run was my first sub-9:00 mile!) Of course, it was also my second run in my new Brooks shoes. Brilliant! They're super comfy. Mileage: 1 mile.

Pics, or it didn't happen...

Tomorrow, we head up to Leeds for a wedding. This will get interesting.

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