Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Running Streak: Week 4

Dude! How has it been four weeks already? It's crazy to think I've gone out on a run every day now for 28 days straight. My how the time does fly. So let's get straight to it then, since I'm sure between this and the previous post, you'll all get a bit tired of me gabbing on about running before the day is through:

Thursday: did a quick breeze through the neighbourhood  just to tick the box. Nothing terribly impressive to report. Mileage: 1 mile.

Friday: Apparently, I was lame and forgot to take note of my mileage for the day. I know I wore my running shorts rather than my leggings since the leggings were in the wash. My estimate, though, is that it was another tick-the-box sort of day. Mileage: 1 mile (more than likely).

Saturday: This was the day of new running shoes (though I can't wear them until Christmas) and The Hobbit, both of which were awesome. In the spirit of getting back into some decent runs on the weekends, I yomped down to Southwood Woodland and back before we dropped E with our friends for the day. Mileage: 5 miles.

Sunday: In an effort to do a bit better, I made sure to get slightly more than the bare minimum in. Of course, I got outside during one of the few rainy patches and so I had to straighten my hair all over again in order to look presentable for the carol concert in Reading that evening. Le sigh...the sacrifices I make. Mileage: 2 miles.

Monday: Did a walk into the centre of town to the library, just to rack up a few more miles, but my run today was another one-and-done. Mileage: 1 mile.

Tuesday: This was another attempt to be good. Though, towards the end when I looped back through the neighbourhood, the smell of some awesome turkey and stuffing was seriously testing me! The smell of tasty warm food on a cold night, when you're running just before dinner is a trial to be endured! At least I know my efforts are paying off. On my last 1/2 mile, I was catcalled by a bunch of barely-pubescent tween boys who started rapping that old, "Shake dat ass/watch yo'self/shake dat ass/show me whachu workin' wit!" All I could think was that they were probably still in nappies when I was a tween dancing to that song. #nowifeelold. Mileage: 2.3 miles.

Wednesday: Today was another family run. E, of course, decided to nap through it...though he mysteriously passed out at 5pm. He's done that the past two days now, and I'm baffled as to why he suddenly feels so tired at such an inopportune time. If I want any sort of alone time at night, a 5pm nap needs to not happen. At least the run went well: no need to stop for a stitch...which hasn't happened running with his jogger in ages! Mileage: 3.14 miles.

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