Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fixing a Hole

Well, to complete the obscure Beatles reference, my mind is definitely wandering. It all started when I suggested a spot in our bedroom to hang the print of Farnham Pottery that I bought on that trip with my sister. After we agreed that the proposed location was a good one, the Husband and I got to talking about what sort of something we'd like to hang on the wall in the blank space over the couch last night and we both got really excited about it. Of course, we could always just get another nice print and frame it, but we really got sold on the idea of making something ourselves. Something slightly more sculptural than the rest of our household art. Our ideas ranged from a fake dinosaur fossil plaster cast to a map of the London Tube made of small PVC piping. Here are some of the ideas for inspiration we were tossing around...

the Tube in bendy straws! via, Visual News
typographic map of London. via, Bold and Noble
something with some presence. via, Design*Sponge
Maybe not the angle, but the objects. via, Design*Sponge
perhaps lots of skeleton key silhouettes. via, The Little Corner
this could be fun to DIY. via, PaintSquare
So do stay tuned to see what we finally decide on. I'm really excited; the Husband is quite into the idea of the two of us making something together, so I'm really stoked to pick a project and get to work. I do like having someone to share my projects with!

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