Wednesday, October 3, 2012

As the Countdown Begins

There are just over three short weeks until my tiny boy is a whole year old. Three weeks! When did this happen? He walks, he pulls himself to standing, he climbs down off the furniture, he scoots himself down the slide at the playground...sniffle. He's growing up!

Anyway, I have big plans for his birthday party. Sure, he'll have two friends there, and he won't really get that the whole shindig is for him, but that's not going to stop me. I'm already planning treats and decorations and food. Oh, and the cake. Because, last time I checked, Ethan isn't really a cake person. He is, however, a pumpkin muffin person. Which leads us to the first of my birthday test runs: the cake and frosting I'd like to use for Ethan's birthday cake.

I feel like I need to stress how tasty this is. It's pumpkin muffin with the whipped cream cheese frosting on top and it's delish. Of course, it's equal parts frosting and muffin. I may or may not have sneaked into the fridge after E had a midnight feed to swipe a finger-full of frosting out of the bowl...

I mean, people on Pinterest are obviously cottoning on to something what with all the pumpkin bread/muffin with cream cheese pins I see out there. Granted, this has been apparent to me for years, but what with this new and tasty cream cheese frosting recipe, it just makes the whole affair even tastier than before.

Another - possibly complicated - take on it. via, Annie's Eats
Of course, I've been looking at my boards for all kinds of party inspiration, and I think I have quite a coherent plan coming together. That said, you'll just have to come back to see how it all turns out when I'm done. Personally, I'm really excited for the whole thing. This is just the re-emergence of a deep-seated and pathological love of party planning that I've exhibited for years. When I was 12 my mom very nearly got me cake decorating lessons at the local JoAnn's Fabrics. I'd have been the only person under 30 in the class, I'm sure, but I was really weirdly into cake decorating when I was a kid. My sister's 9th birthday party - a "cloud 9" theme - involved crepe paper rainbows, cotton wool clouds, white fairy lights, and a sky blue cake, complete with rainbow, cloud, and "happy 9th birthday!", all done by Yours Truly. I got serious, people. Now that I'm grown and the kid is my very own, it's only going to be even more intense.

Good thing there's a strict self-imposed budget on this whole thing. Mama likes her event planning way too much...

via, The Girl Who Ate Everything

via, exPress-O

via, The Celebration Shoppe

via, Martha Stewart
via, Punkie's Pie Place

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