Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Spirit of Christmas Craft

Unlike Ebeneezer Scrooge, I don't have Christmas Future, Christmas Present, and Christmas Past coming to visit me over the course of one night. Nope, I have Christmas Craft, and I think she's decided to invite herself to stay for a few months.

After breaking back into the whole palaver of crafting yesterday when I started that glittery Christmas hymn bauble, I - of course - started browsing Teh Interwebz for ideas in my spare time and came across this wreath. I love wreaths, and this one seemed particularly easy...especially since there are tonnes of willows along the canal where I usually walk.

via, Creating a Family Home
So, I loaded E up in his pushchair, snagged my kitchen sheers, and set off on a walk to gather a few willow branches to make myself a wreath. I already have my Gisela Graham heart-shaped Shaker wreath on the living room door, so this one would go on the kitchen door just opposite. Once we got home and E was down for his nap, I got to work.

my wreath is taking shape
I took the advice of the blog where I found my inspiration and pre-bend some of the larger branches to make them more compliant. Once the wreath started taking shape, I also made sure - not only to wrap new branches around the existing frame - but to weave the beginnings and ends into the branches that were already there. That way, everything stayed put.

The best part about this whole project? It was not only spur-of-the-moment, but it was free! Even when I decided that I wanted some nice ribbon to hang it with and decided to glue a few pine cones on: I already had those things lying around from other crafts. (Though I think I'll glue on a few more pine cones later now that I'm getting used to the look of it.

Don't get me wrong; this bare willow wreath has a lovely look to it, but I did want to see how the pine cones spruced it up (oh yes, the lame puns abound). All things considered, since this was free and easy, I think I'll try making another larger one at some point in the future. Maybe spray paint it? Maybe just stick on a few Gisela Graham natural feather birds when I go back to Garson's in October? The possibilities are endless here!

I think something like this will be in order...a good 18-24" in diameter...
via, Christmas Wreaths Direct

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