Thursday, September 20, 2012

Half Marathon: Enjoy the Silence

Partially, I picked that title because I really do enjoy running to Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence". Mostly, though, I've been quite mum lately on any developments with training for the Grim and the Fleet Half. Why? Well, because nothing much has been going on. Remember how I said that my pelvis was being obstinately uncooperative because I'd had the gall to put it through carrying and delivering a baby? Turns out it's still a bit miffed about that. So between that and sight seeing, I haven't done but so much running over the past two weeks.

All that said, there have been some new developments that could be worth sharing. First on the list is that I've started acting like a responsible adult who can't simply abuse her body with no thought of the consequences. I've booked an appointment with my GP to make sure that I can actually get the all clear to go running the way I want to. I mean, I'm not looking to cripple myself or injure myself doing this, but I'm still not at all willing to hear that I shouldn't even consider a half marathon. That's my goal and unless I'm going to break myself somehow, I'm still going for it.

The second development has been running with our jogging stroller. While Victoria was here, I took two evenings to leave E with her and go on a run with the Husband. He'd run from work, I'd run from the house, and we'd meet at the halfway point of our respective routes to run home together. It was really nice. Though our second Grown-Ups Only run was half run and half walk because - while my hips were cooperating - my stomach decided that it wasn't feeling up to 4 miles that day and felt the need to protest violently. So the third time, I decided to take it a bit easier and brought E along for the ride. I bunged him into his pushchair and away we went. As I huffed and puffed with my iPod in, the little monster had a lovely nap only to wake back home with his daddy nearby. Aw. Yeah, he was thrilled about that.

So today is going to be another evening where we meet the Husband after work for a family run. I've been enjoying them. I have to say - when you have a running partner it definitely makes running feel easier because you can take your mind off it. I don't even listen to the iPod when the Husband and I run together. Actually, on a vaguely sentimental note, I really enjoy our runs together because it's time that we get as a couple to just catch up on the day and chat without having to worry about putting E to bed, throwing in a load of laundry, doing the dishes, planning a lesson, or setting a loaf of bread to bake overnight.

Speaking of parenthood and responsibility, my son is currently on the floor screeching at his abacus...and I should probably change him into normal clothes so he isn't wearing pyjamas all day. Hey, if I don't do it, neither should he. He isn't ill enough to justify all-day pyjamas.

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