Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Objectification, A Brief Thought

To the Creeper Perfecting His Car Park Stalking Skills;

I'm not sure why you were loitering in your van in the car park by the playing fields, and frankly, I don't care. Really, I just thought I'd pass on some advice from me to you.
1) Yes, I know I'm extremely good-looking. Get over it.
2) Really? Cheesy Spanish love songs blaring from the car stereo? Try being a bit more obvious next time.
3) It's fine to take a glance or two to appreciate someone extremely good-looking. However, what you did was to find that fine line between leering and staring in a socially awkward manner. You then continued to do it from the time I walked through the car park pushing my kid in his buggy, through putting all my stuff in my car, putting my son in the car, putting his buggy in the car, and driving away down the street. If there was a creeper's line of safety that determined how long you can inappropriately ogle a woman before she's within her rights to make a public scene, you crossed that line long ago, my friend.

At least Mr. Ice Water yesterday had the decency to engage me in a brief casual conversation once I'd caught him staring.

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