Monday, September 17, 2012

Mommy Mondays: Trying Not To Try Too Hard

Oh the irony of trying to look like you aren't trying to hard. That seems to be the words I live by when getting dressed to take Ethan to baby group. There are two lows to which I can't quite bring myself
1) Wearing the same thing each week.
2) Wearing my snuggly one-piece jumpsuit.
However, clothes covered in patches of food/sick/breast milk/saliva/crumbs/anonymous baby stains are just par of the course, really. No one says you can't look cute even when you're covered in someone else's slobbery food bits.

Witness today: you can't even tell that those leggings have yoghurty Ethan hand prints on them (except that now I've just told you...). The top is one of my new finds for £8 at H&M the other day. Guildford may just be my new favourite shopping destination. That Banana Republic shrug is one I've had for ages. The first time Victoria came to visit me in the UK, I was still living in London. I was already something of a BR devotee, so when the flagship store opened at Piccadilly Circus, I was there before you could say "tailored knee-length dress".

The other nice thing about this outfit? It's dirt cheap. Yes, the Converse trainers will cost you more than generic Old Navy ballet flats, and the Banana Republic knitwear can set you back a pretty penny, but with a top for £8 and leggings for £7, you can afford to splurge in other areas. Especially since all of these pieces are part of countless other ensembles in my wardrobe.

The giant messy topknot had nothing to do with being trendy. I don't actually tend to wear my hair up unless I'm going to bed or exercising, but my hair is in desperate need of a wash at the moment, and since I spent the morning driving to and from Heathrow instead of at home with easy access to my shower; up it went.

That's today's look. Happy Monday, people!

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