Monday, September 24, 2012

Mommy Mondays: This Wintry Day...

Urrrggghh. I can't even summon up the energy for an exclamation mark on that one. Today is a vile and evil day. (Apparently, it is also a day for anagrams.) It's cold - which I don't mind - but it's also windy and rainy, which aren't so nice. Our usual slog out to baby group this morning was done in high spirits, but said spirits required a bit more cajoling than normal. For me, it was a red lipstick sort of morning. It was also a jewellery morning, which nearly never happens when I'm taking E to play group, so that should indicate how desperate things had become.

The main challenge in dressing for baby group isn't the mess. Though they did let the kids splatter around in custard today. It's remembering to wear thin layers. Sure, the 3-minute walk over to the building is cold and wet, but once you get in that room it's toasty warm no matter the weather. So the faux-leather jacket over a 3/4 sleeve tee was the right option. (I'd initially considered a lovely turtleneck that I'm now glad I left on the bed.) The wellies from Joules are another mum-friendly option. Yes, in country footpaths that have become a slurry of mud, you'd be better off with the usual mid-calf affair, but for city rain, these preppy little numbers are great. Especially because, at ankle-boot height, they're a cinch to pull on and off with one hand.
Here are the headband and wellies close up. That Sainsbury's headband
was less than £4, and the Joules wellies were hand-me-downs, so they were
absolutely free!

I'd considered doing a close up on the Fat Face necklace as well...but that's so old and beaten up that the paint is chipping off half of the big chunky beads. In all honesty, I'm considering saving some money for myself at Christmas to replace that necklace with something from Chewbeads. E tends to nom on my necklace so much when I bother to wear it that I only wear the Fat Face one because I know he won't damage it and he can't choke on it. All of my nicer less abused jewellery hangs sadly from its peg waiting for the day when I don't have to worry about tiny fingers and mouths.

The Jane necklace and Charles bangle are my faves.
The Chewbeads necklaces and bracelets come in tonnes of colours and styles, and - of course - they're safe for babies to chew on. For me, that'd be a huge upgrade because that means no flaking paint. I'd be sold already, even if they weren't so round and happy and adorable. Has anyone else found any accessories that they're in love with lately?

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