Friday, August 10, 2012

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Ethan went to his first birthday party today. It was great. His friend Snowy from playgroup was turning 1 and so we headed over to our friends' place for pizza, a ball pit, and general scampering around. Not to mention that Ethan was in an affectionate mood today, so he was all about showing the birthday girl some love...

The true mack daddy starts early.

Wishing his buddy a happy birthday.
It was just the right amount of low-key. And let's be honest: it's really about having fun parents to share your part of the day with: as long as the kids have a few toys to scrap over and some snacks to keep them pliant, they're having a whale of a time.

Here, Ethan and Snowy enjoyed some time in her ball pit. She wasn't terribly keen to go in, but she was perfectly willing to play along from the outside.

flashing a cheeky grin.

the birthday girl had a great time.

a bit more ball pit action.

Ethan and Corban have some manly bonding time.

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