Friday, July 6, 2012

My Own Public Service Announcement

Ladies of Farnborough (and ladies in general);

First, let me congratulate you for getting out to go running. It's nice to see the sidewalks of the neighbourhood filled with the foot traffic of avid runners. And let's all be honest: it's useful to train at keeping a steady pace on a treadmill, but it's so much nicer to run outside. Am I right? The breeze in your hair, the trees and the smells of being outdoors, the natural light, the varied's all pretty awesome.

But for the love of all that is holy, find a decent sports bra! Ladies, I'm not kidding. I am almost literally in pain when I see you bouncing and swaying to the rhythm of your gait as you pound the pavement. Save your boobies! Surely it can't be comfortable to have those boobs of yours swinging freely from side to side. This isn't Baywatch, girls: keep it up and your nipples will be down by your navel before you know it. Whatever else ageing and hormones and pregnancy will do; don't add to the problem. In 15 years, do you really want to be able to sing the old "do your [boobs] hang low/do they wobble to and fro/can you tie them in a knot?/can you tie them in a bow..."? I mean, your breasts are going to move about 3.5 inches with every stride you take unless you strap those puppies down. (And yes, I recommend taking a look at the article in the link which talks about choosing a good bra.) And all of that movement isn't good for the ligaments that support your breasts.

via: Shock Absorber
The Shock Absorber brand in the picture will even let you plug in your measurements on their website and specify the sort of sport you're doing so they can recommend the best bra to support you while you do your thing. If you're absolutely stumped on where to start, I'd give them a try.

I can understand that if you're just getting into a certain type of exercise that you may not be down for investing a ton of money in covering yourself in head-to-toe lyrca-spandex, temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking, skin-tight goodness...or maybe going the whole Richard Simmons/Olivia Newton John route isn't your style anyway. I can understand starting off in cheap running shoes until you know what sort of support you need and if you're going to make running a serious hobby. But seriously! The women I see running every day are obviously well into their sport: there is no excuse for going running in a flimsy-ass lacy piece of lingere! Just go get a sports bra: your boobs will thank you for it.

via, BoobyDoo

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