Friday, July 6, 2012

All About the Details

Sometimes, it's all about the little things; and today was definitely one of those times. It's nice to be able to enjoy the small stuff. With an 8-month-old boy who wants nothing more than to be able to move under his own steam, the small stuff is usually the easiest to get done, whether that's my stand-by Mommy Make-up face (read: mascara and chapstick) or adding a few little details to make the house look nicer. Observe:

I cut down my anniversary flowers and switched vases to save the pretty for a little longer.

I spent 4 quid on a tiny burlap heart with buttons. Yes, it makes me happy.

I gave in and bought a milk carton-shaped creamer.
Thank you, Pinterest, for finding me something to waste money on.
Those are my tiny happy spaces for the day. Hopefully, some day soon will involve more happy times with paint. I do so love painting's a little bit sad, really. But then; this is coming from the person who proudly stated that she finger-painted her way through senior year of high school. (True story. Way to go, AP Studio Art.)

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