Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Babies on a Plane

This is a journey through time and space. It is a tale with the potential to leave you (read: me) with deep psychological scars. This is taking a baby on a plane.

3 Hours In:
So far, so good. The Husband is now taking a walk around the cabin with E after a feed, a nap, some lunch, and a bit of play. He was enthralled with everything from the check-in desk to the departure terminal.

We countered the problem of popping ear drums with a feed & some pacified time during take-off and otherwise he's been a gem. Though the children's seating just past security was a boon: a soft floor to set him down with a blanket. He had a great time playing with his toys.

...aaaand, now he's off making friends with all the other passengers.
Le sigh. Oh the perks of having an adorable baby. Everyone wants to be your friend. Even the people at security. We'll definitely keep up the updates as the flight progresses.

5 Hours In:
We've just had another nap and made friends with Roger, the Boy Scout leader and father of four sitting across the aisle. E has been a travelling parent's dream so far! A bit of play, some food and some face time with random strangers and he's happy. Honestly, my biggest dilemma at the moment is whether to watch The Family Stone or The Artist. Don't judge me.

...Coming to you live from Charlotte, NC:
So we made it through a 9-hour flight with Ethan and he was fantastic! Everyone around us said what a lovely and well-behaved little boy we had. The main tricks? Food, naps, walks, and teamwork. We only ended up needing two of his toys. The rest of the time E was entertained by Oreo wrappers, hitting his bottle, and amusing strangers. Winning.

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