Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Child Is This?

No, seriously people: because my little boy definitely isn't this nicely asleep in his crib after an hour-long nap. It just doesn't happen. If this is the result of letting the Husband get up with him an hour earlier than usual, then let's continue with that sort of routine! A peacefully sleeping baby only helps the efforts of Project Spring Clean here at chez Dick. Y'all, I've been going all out with my spring cleaning this week. Today, hand to God, I broke out an old toothbrush to clean all the fixtures on our sinks. I've moved furniture to dust and vacuum...I dusted the lintels! I feel so industrious. Especially when you count all the tidying up I did after making some more baby food yesterday. Using the blender to purée my own baby mush is officially my jam. I'm all over that.

And it's all been thanks to my newly cooperative tiny human. He suddenly doesn't claw his face in a fit of itchy rage 10 minutes after being set down on his own to count some sheep. He doesn't require swaddling into a baby burrito to keep him from startling himself awake. He doesn't care if his pacifier falls out when he finally reaches that limp-sack-of-potatoes stage of deep sleep. And somehow, miraculously, I get 50 to 60-minute afternoon naps during which I can clean, do laundry, read, or even - gasp! - blog. This is made even more impressive when you consider that he's in the cranky stage of teething.

Now, however, we're making truculent pterodactyl noises to request our lunch. If you'll excuse me...

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