Monday, April 16, 2012

Babies, Bananas, and Being Awesome

I do love a clean house. The Husband improved on my week-long efforts yesterday by blitzing the house to get it nice and neat and tidy. I'm now improving upon his efforts by cleaning the windows (panes, muntins, mullions, and all), dusting the furniture, and vacuuming the dust, dirt, and lint away.

I'm also putting some of the bananas I bought to good use by making banana bread. (Pinterest to-do list check!) Super Mum is back in the groove: I've been enjoying all of my baking projects of late. Those Nigella flourless brownies are awesome (and, thankfully, still here. I didn't eat them all in two days!), we made another batch of doughnuts last night - this time for our own consumption - and I decided that some marginally more healthy baking would be a good thing.

Now I have something even easier than a bowl of oatmeal to have for breakfast in the mornings. Because, let me be honest, by a bowl of oatmeal I mean, "I was planning to have a bowl of oatmeal, but cooking and eating it will take too long, and now that Ethan is back down for his first nap, I'd like to catch up on my sleep, too, so I'll just have some cookies/bread with Nutella/a brownie/a handful of dry cereal and a glass of juice and call it even." What is that phrase about Hell and paving material and good intentions?

the only way to eat bananas.
Another thing that makes me happy right now is my kitchen dresser. Thanks to my mother-in-law I now have a lovely pot of mint sitting on it. I like the pot...and I like having another plant in the house. Right now the little tree-like plant from IKEA that resides in our living room looks about 1/3 dead. Which is a shame considering we got the "I can be neglected" variety of plant. Husband and I aren't very good about remembering to water this thing. Poor plant. But I want it to live! And I want the mint to live, too. And incidentally, I'm really keen on the idea of having lots of pots of herbs growing on the windowsill of the kitchen...and anywhere else I can keep a plant alive. Growing things make me happy...even if I tend to kill them more often than not. This is why flowers are not a good Mothers' Day/Anniversary present idea for me: the poor devils know their days are numbered when they get to me. When I bring plants home for the plants it must be like seeing the undertaker being shown to your room in the hospital. The end is nigh: abandon hope all ye who enter.

edited with the awesome PicMonkey...look it up.
But involuntary plantslaughter aside, I feel like I'm getting into a good rhythm with this whole at-home mommying gig. I cook, I bake, I clean, I blog, I go for walks...oh yeah, and I keep my son alive and fed and non-poop-covered while I'm at it.

(Note: I typed this all way earlier and have since come back to it with a few things to add...including pictures, because I forgot that Husband had the camera today.)

So, just for the sake of full and amusing disclosure, here are a hilarious story (well, at least to me it is) and a cute picture that I felt the need to add upon revisiting this post:

don't let the artsy editing fool you: this stuff is GREEN
Me: So I made him some green baby food today.
Husband: Where is it? [sees empty-ish jar] Wow, that is green...what was it?
Me: Peas and potatoes.
[Husband goes to play with E on the floor]
Husband: He smells like weed!
Me: What?
Husband: Smell him - he smells like pot!
[I kneel down to get a whiff of baby]
Me: [giggling] It's the peas! Our baby smells like reefer!
Husband: We have a cannabis baby.
Me: Who knew that feeding your baby peas would make him smell like pot?

Answer to that question? Obviously not us.

And here's our cute photo[s]:
my new favourite of his 24-week photo shoot

the bebe enjoys sleeping on his side now!

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