Friday, February 24, 2012

Solids Gold

Ladies and Gentlemen...we have turned a corner. It's time to sarcastically wipe away a tear, because my little boy is all grown up. I am no longer the sole source of nutrition for my munchkin: he's eating baby food!

this requires serious concentration

After four months of exclusive breastfeeding, Ethan has officially decided that new horizons are required in the world of food. Just yesterday, my sister-in-law Rachel and my mischievous and adorable nephew Henry came over to visit. Henners is a good 9 weeks older than Ethan and has already begun his foray into the world of Food That Doesn't Come From Mommy. I asked if, just for fun, I could see if Ethan would tolerate having a go with the jar of sweet potatoes than Henry didn't seem as keen on. I'd already read that four months isn't too soon to start your baby on another food if both you and Baby agree. Well, come to find out, Ethan took to eating off a spoon like a duck to water. He loved the sweet potatoes, and handled getting the purée off of the spoon like a boss.

please, Mum, can I have some more?
It's just too cute watching him get excited about his food and go after that spoon full of puréed apples and cranberries like he's chasing a gazelle on the Serengeti.

let me give you a hand here...
I knew we were getting towards food independence when the Husband and I realised the other day that E recognises his bottle on sight. If he sees it, he will reach for it, and if you're too slow, he'll help you put it in his mouth. Likewise, if he needs a breather, he'll help you pull it out to take a break before he keeps chugging away like a fratboy at a tailgate.

tonight, Pinky, we're going to try to take over the world...
What happened to the tiny little boy with his Friar Tuck ring of hair and spindly little froggy legs that I brought home from the hospital? He's growing up!

I used to have a tiny baby.

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