Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Lecture on String Theory

...er, well, that's what it could be, at any rate. For all I know, I'm harbouring a tiny quantum physicist in the baby door bouncer. (This is his current location, talking and stomping away in the living room doorway.)

E has decided lately to start making up for lost time in the "talking" department. And by talking, I really mean 50% howling like a wolf and 50% yelling and laughing. Of course, whenever I try to prove this to people, he suddenly goes quiet, and so I sound like I'm telling people that my son wants me to build a baseball field, they just don't hear it. Likewise, he knows when the camera comes out, and generally promptly proceeds to stop talking or bouncing or doing whatever he was previously engaged in to contemplate the camera in stillness and silence.

And since stillness and silence are things I'm not getting much of from him right now, I'll let the video do the talking and go rescue E from what sounds like the dreadful torment of being in his door bouncer with me more than 2 feet away...

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