Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Blue Eyes

As a kid, I was always jealous of my dad's eyes. I mean, sure they were squinty and small, and he has pretty rubbish eyesight, but that wasn't the point. My father, though not on the list for People's  Sexiest Man Alive, has the most gorgeous green eyes. I mean, bright, vivid, lime green - and with gold flecks in the middle, no less. now, just take a look at the scrummy Jessie Williams of Grey's Anatomy, and I think you'll see why I always wished I'd gotten my dad's green eyes: mixed kids with green eyes are hawt...

Now, I've made peace with the fact that my green-eyed days have always been numbered. I'm no good with contacts (trying to touch my eye like that just creeps me out), and so if I want to enjoy light coloured eyes I need to live vicariously. That's where my adorable son comes in...

jeepers, check out them peepers!

We went to a christening for the Husband's cousin's little girl yesterday, and all of her Indian in-laws were absolutely smitten with E's eyes. They were so big, so blue, so gorgeous, I was the proud mother of a future heartbreaker. A regular Casanova...without the sleazy reputation. So, even though I'll always be a Brown Eyed Girl, like the Van Morrison song, I still make some pretty cute blue-eyed babies!

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