Friday, November 11, 2011


Missing: one slightly-above-average, but well-loved figure.
Distinctive features: well-proportioned bust, shapely hips, dress size 6...oh, and a waist.
Missing since: month 5 of pregnancy. Since delivery, said figure hasn't yet returned. Responds to long workouts at the gym and the promise of cute Banana Republic clothing.

If seen, please return to'll make the sleep-deprived haze of having a 2-week old baby so much nicer.

In case the above didn't make it painfully obvious, I went clothes shopping for the first time in ages yesterday. Buying clothes for a rapidly expanding baby bump was something I could do. Buying clothes for this awkward in-between stage is weird. I'm no longer technically in maternity clothes, but every top needs to be - ahem - "easy access" so that I can feed Ethan while looking like I'm still old enough to dress myself.

 It's a slightly depressing feeling to realise that while you're no longer pregnant, you still couldn't fit into most of your pre-pregnancy wardrobe for love or money. Sorry, buff-coloured pencil skirt: you accentuate my post-pregnancy pooch. Not a flattering look. My sincere apologies, Little Black Dress: not only are you wildly inconvenient when I need to "whip one out" to feed the baby, but there's no way I can suck it all in enough to take you out on the town at the moment. A shame, since there's a wedding coming up soon; which is why I bought you in the first place.

Luckily, I had the support of my mom in helping me to weed through the morass of now-unsuitable clothing to find a few things that mask my mommy figure until I can literally get my ass back in shape! Le sigh. Until pregnancy brought back the dreaded love handles, I looked good from the back. For now, I'm embracing any variation on the Flashdance sweatshirt look until I can get the situation back under control...

And as a bonus: I rejoice in the fact that I got an entire 45 minutes with a sleeping baby this morning. What is the positive side to 45 minutes of sleep? What isn't the positive side to that!? Though specifically, I got to shower and straighten my hair so that I'm not rocking the unwashed and sweats vibe. One of these days, my mind will finally get up on shaky legs and wander past the realms of clothes and babies. One of these days...

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