Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back on Track

Today was a good day. After a nap that lasted deliciously and sinfully into the afternoon hours (oh yeah, having a new baby boy means I now have an excuse to stay in bed until 12:30) I did something I haven't done in months. Quite seriously. I went for a run. Wait, let me say that with all the appropriate gravitas and feeling that it requires... (ahem)


(I think that I now owe five Hail Marys and six Mea Culpas to Lynn Truss, patron saint of punctuation and pedantic adherence to the rules of grammar.)

I laced up my trainers, popped on a sports bra (on top of my nursing bra, 'cause I'm cool lazy like that), got Ethan all bundled up, and broke out the jogging stroller to help it fulfil the first half of its purpose: to let me jog. Oh, what a glorious feeling to be back in my exercise gear!

We drove back to the old neighbourhood and took a run through the streets and around the playing fields. In the true spirit of maternal multi-tasking, my run through the streets was really a run to the grocery store so I could get celery and carrots to have aromatics for my Thanksgiving turkey tomorrow.

If I can do this Thanksgiving, I can do any Thanksgiving. I will be the multi-armed god of Thanksgiving...complete with nose ring and unnecessary animal appendages. The pie has been baked, the herbs are on the counter, the potatoes are cut and waiting to be boiled and mashed, the aromatics and turkey are cosy in the fridge, and I finally have a turkey baster. It only took me two Thanksgiving dinners without one to get my act together, but I am now officially kitted out and prepared for Thanksgiving culinary mastery.

Wish me luck, people. I'm back on my way to being basically amazing. Stay tuned.

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  1. You're such a houswife! It's adorable. You know what else I bet is adorable? Ethan. More pictures please!!!!!!