Monday, August 22, 2011

Fuelling the Impatience

So, who wants to see some pictures of my super-cute nephew, Henry? I sure do: that kid's scrumptious! The Husband and I headed up to see the in-laws yesterday for a quick visit and a second opinion on the song we're performing for his cousin Austin's wedding in 2 weeks (eek!). Turns out that our lovely sister-in-law, Rachel, went in to hospital earlier than we expected to deliver her beautiful baby boy. Of course, we couldn't let this chance to visit the brother and sister, and see the newest member of the family (and our first nephew!) pass unheeded.

It was a great visit. Henry's so cute and tiny! And can I just say how freaking adorable it is to watch my husband hold a tiny baby? Seriously. I'm a sucker for cute guys holding cute babies. Resistance is futile. My small, grinchy heart melts seeing that.

Of course, aside from the excitement of seeing our nephew for the first time, both Seb and I got all shook up over baby Henry for another reason, too. Now we're even more impatient to see our own baby! I mean: who is this kid going to look like!? What colour will his/her hair be? Eyes? (Well, probably blue-ish to start off, but after that - who knows?) Whose nose will the baby's most resemble? What kinds of crazy and hilarious newborn baby faces will our offspring decide to unleash upon us for our entertainment? These questions need answers! And seeing our little nephew has only made us more desperate for the time when those questions can be answered.

Plus: can I just say how bizarre it is - in the best possible sense of the term - to go from a giant bump that wiggles on its own, to a separate and distinct individual whose tiny hands and feet and face you can actually see, and with whom you can actually interact? It's really strange to try and make the cognitive leap looking at that baby and saying, "oh yeah, that was you doing all the kicking and rolling around when I was trying to sleep. You used to be inside of me!" My mind is blown considering that moment. So for now, I'll just look at Henry and try to quell my impatience for a little while longer.

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