Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finally...sort of...

So we've finally gotten around to a few more of the "finishing touches" on the nursery. Yes, I know. The baby may not be here just yet, but it's certainly taken far longer than I thought to keep working on the nursery. The two glaring inadequacies were:

1) A lack of a finished window treatment.
2) The framed pictures sitting useless on the floor.

It was time to fix both of those. A quick few seconds with the hammer and two nails dealt with those pictures easily enough:

Next task was to fit a shade to the window. I had my lovely neutral (and cheap!) curtains from John Lewis, but those still let in so much light at mid-day that afternoon naps could prove to be something of a problem. Plus, there were still gaping holes from the previous window fitting (remember the creepy 80s curtains?) that desperately needing covering up. Witness: the before shot...

Okay, so you can't see the holes above the window in this shot, but trust me when I say that they're pretty obvious in real life. Luckily, we made another trip to B&Q today for this and a few other project supplies (briefly milking the minimal suspense...), so I came home with this solution to my overlit nursery problem:

We wanted to have another colour in the room besides just the predominant yellow and green, and this seemed like the best chance to introduce a new hue to the crew. (Yeah, I went there...I'm a dork. Don't tell me you expected anything less.) We were trying to decide between the nice shade of teal above and a navy blue. I'm sure the navy would have worked, too, but in the end my gut instinct won out. It's the sort of thing you have to check, though. I would have felt worse if we'd bought it simply on my knee-jerk reaction (Hi, I love all things teal/cerulean/aquamarine), so I had to make sure my rash judgement was still the best option. It was. Eh, I'm just that good. ;-)

The instructions were simple enough: drill holes, hammer in Rawl plugs, screw the screws, slide on the fittings, fit in the blind, and voilĂ ! Updated window fitting that adds another colour to the nursery colour scheme.

(Sexy husband to help with all the measuring and drilling not included in rolling blind installation kit.)

And in the end, the result was just what I was hoping for. I'm getting much better at this whole visualization thing, I think.

Eventually, I'll have to start updating the rest of the house, because this room is ridiculously colourful compared to the rest of our drab white walls.

Oh, and I had another addition to our baby things show up in the post the other day!

So you can't tell because the picture is tiny and I've blurred out my address to deter any Interwebz stalkers, but this is from my lovely friend Sarah, who decided that I needed a good way to laugh about pregnancy and baby-handling.

Hmm...I wonder what could be in Sarah's mysterious box of wonderous baby-themed presents...

Turns out that the best way to laugh is with some witty cartoons mockingly instructing you on the best way to take care of yourself and the baby through pregnancy and infancy:

Thanks, Sarah! We had a good laugh over these at the dinner table when Seb got home from work the day they arrived.

Oh, and for everyone who's been wondering, I have actually bought something for my baby (besides a place to sleep and stuff to travel safely): we got onesies today! I love that I don't have to feel guilty any more ogling the baby clothes aisle in stores; I can officially cave (at least in small measure) to the cuteness of onesies and tiny shoes and little dresses and leg warmers for chubby little baby legs! (Deep breaths...if I'm not careful this baby will have a bigger wardrobe than Paris Hilton...)

If you can resist this, you have no soul.

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