Saturday, June 4, 2011

Things I Never Needed to Know

Well, really it's just one thing. And that thing is that sugary soda can smell like pungent boiled eggs after a while.
"what an incredible smell you've discovered!"

Disturbed? Let me explain:

It's now Saturday, which means that the Husband and I are clearing out all sorts of things in preparation for the move. That includes our emergency water supply. Now we have an emergency water supply, as the name suggests, in case of emergencies. If there's flooding or a big power cut, or our water pressure is out for a few days...these things needn't stop us from having water to drink and clean and cook with. It's the same principle behind our 72-hour kits. (More on those after the jump) There's peace of mind knowing you have all your bases covered.

Anyway, being thrifty as we are,we built up our emergency water supply by taking empty 2-litre soda bottles, rinsing them, and filling them with water, to sit in our spare room in storage until we needed them or needed to change them out.

Now aside from going flat, water should last a good long time. We've only been here a year, and didn't start our water supply right away, and certainly didn't get all of it compiled at once. However, we've realised that there were a few kinks in the system. First: never use bottles of sugary soda (we usually buy the kind with "no added sugar" which saves the daily calorie count). It was only in the bottles of normal sugary soda that we got the lovely aroma of sulphurous gases. Second: you can never rinse a bottle too much. Even the tiniest amount of fizzy drink left in a bottle would result, we found, in brown floaters in the little creepy spectres of disgusting lurking in our water bottles.

The windows are now all open in an attempt to fumigate the evil from the air we'd like to breathe. The moral of the story is that we will be much more strict with water storage protocol from now on. Let's just hope there are no other surprises lurking for us in that spare room...

Side note: thanks to our Interwebz providers being a little on the slow side, any fun decorating updates and new pictures will be postponed for a week while we wait on O2 to catch up with our move. But rest assured I'll stock up my camera with lots of photos and be sure to document any fun adventures to report!

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