Sunday, June 5, 2011

How Very Pinteresting...

I have been sucked in and now have another way to turn spending hours on The Interwebz into another tendril of my new DIY/home decorating vortex: Pinterest. After a fashion, it lets me create mood boards of various lovely bits of inspiration that I find during my daily browse. I like this better than the mood boards I can create in the Picasa collage tool because Pinterest will let me tag each picture with a note about it, and it will keep a small link to the page where I found it. Just in case I have a forgetful moment and…well, forget where I found a particularly awesome thing.

My current Pinterest boards include a planning sheet for the nursery and bedroom, as well as a general likely/lovey board for things I find particularly gorgeous or spiffy, but don’t have in mind for a specific place. I think there are two extra boards on there I'm not using at the moment, but whichever.

I really like this because of how much easier it'll make things feel for me when I'm trying to collect inspiration for how to decorate the new apartment. (The move is tomorrow! Ah!)

In other, non Interwebz news, as I've said: the Big Move is tomorrow. We go in around 10am to scope our new pad for the second time (officially). This isn't counting the time when we sneaked by like stalkers swung by for a peek one night after running errands. It's really crazy to think we've only really seen the inside of this place once! And yet, Seb and I are both hugely excited by the whole prospect. Well, we're excited about a new place (both of us) and new DIY projects (me) and getting a place where we can - hopefully - live for the next 3 or 4 years as our family starts to grow (both of us again).

It's crazy to think that this time last year our apartment looked like this:

and I was getting things ready so my parents and sister could come over for our wedding! Time passes really quickly when you aren't thinking about it. Seb has still been consistently astounded to remember that it's June already. Aside from the baby-growing (which always makes me impatient) I can see what he means: it doesn't seem but so long ago we were in Provo shooting guns and hanging out with my family. Now we're staring down the days until our first anniversary, moving into a new home, and making plans for cots, strollers, and cloth diapers as we wait for our bebe (as I've taken to calling it) to make its grand entrance.

How weird do I sound when I confess that I've imagined having my water break in all sorts of dramatic locations? Like while teaching Sunday School, or driving in the car to see the in-laws, or in the middle of grocery shopping. I don't know if it's a fear of being in a random place when it happens or the idea that if I'm out in those places (car excepted), at least I haven't ruined the furniture by starting to give birth on it! Blech.

The one downside to the move: our ISP dropped the ball, so we'll be internet-less for about a week. Evil! At least I can take lots of pictures of whatever projects I get up to and post them all after the fact. I know I feel a bit like an HGTV show (in the highly self-concious sense), but that's what happens to be my big project in life at the moment. Pretty soon, though, I can get back to some characteristically (mostly) good-natured complaining about normal having to sing at Seb's cousin's wedding in September. Without a piano of our own to practise together in the meantime. Oh, and the fun of finding a dress and singing in public with my waistline increased and lung capacity decreased by being seven months massively pregnant. Yeah. That's going to be fun. Did I mention that the song is in French? I don't speak French (unless singing Lady Marmalade counts...).

Should be a fun couple of months as we wait for the piggly wiggly to be born!

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