Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Like a Hipster at an Ironic T-Shirt Sale...

...Or like white on rice or like a Demon Deacon on some new Vineyard Vines/Vera Bradley/pastel seersucker. What's got me in such a flurry of excitement? Three simple letters: YHL.

And just what is YHL? What is my new blogosphere crack? Why only the sickeningly trendy amazing DIY blog,Young House Love.
Insanely precious DIY bloggers John and Sherry (and their tiny baby Clara...and chihuahua Burger) share the many adventures of decorating their home inside and out with a series of projects that make me sound like a three-year-old in a sweets shop:

"Oooh...I want that!" "I want that one, too!" "I need this. Yes I do."

Everything from a gallery-style wall of pictures (the gateway drug to my latest addiction) to making curtains to shrinking and dyeing slip covers for chairs to a super-cute baby quilt project. Oh holy handstitched rugs, Batman - there are so many projects I need to try!

I have quite a few pictures I want hung in my house, and I have a tiny baby steadily making its way into the outside world. And (super important emphasis), we're moving house in the next fortnight. I don't want to be at Jane Austen's House until I'm ready to pop give birth, but when I'm at home, I don't want to be bored out of my mind and resort to watching more crappy TV on Teh Interwebz. I need something productive that isn't washing the dishes or vacuuming every vacuumable surface in sight. What better than some DIY artsy projects to spruce up our new flat?

Especially since we're hoping to stay in our new place a good long while, I'd like for it to feel more like it's ours. You know? I mean, don't get me wrong, I've loved our first apartment: it was big, it had space to have guests over, it had a dishwasher - but there was only so much to be done with it. Remember the insane wall-of-mirrors in our living room? Remember the stupid purple stripe on the wall behind our bed? Remember how everything from the IKEA showroom was GLUED to the walls? Remember all that? Because I sure do. I still look at most of it every day.

I loved our apartment for what it did - like fitting in our huge dining room set - but I'm more than happy to leave behind the collection of vases and the crappy fabric blinds for something that I can personalise more effectively at all.

Already I'm contemplating fabrics that would go well with both our dark wood bedroom furniture and the black-and-white graphic print duvet cover. I'm envisioning patterns for how to best (and by best, I mean, easiest) sew curtains and pillowcases. I'm trying to price up sandpaper and wood varnish to refinish the dining room set. I'm considering the cheapest places to find picture frames for my Van Gogh prints. (Because, as we all know, a house isn't a home until it has some Van Gogh.) The obsession has already begun and I fully intend to tackle it with all the energy I've rediscovered in my second trimester. B&Q employees, we're about to become really good friends.

And not to fear: the minute these projects get their spindly little legs off the ground, I will dutifully chronicle them for the enjoyment of all. John and Sherry, you are my heroes.

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