Monday, March 14, 2011


We've been found out. Our ward has seen too many babies born in the past few years not to figure out quite quickly that we're expecting. Even my young women that I teach on Sundays have been keeping tabs on me, and when I left church early the other day to go home for a suddenly much-needed nap, I confirmed their suspicions and they harassed the other youth leaders to find out if I was pregnant. Of course, we hadn't admitted to anything at this point, so they were left with no definite answers to their questions. Alas, that won't last long.

Even my friend's daughter decided yesterday that I'm having a baby! When she pointed at me and said, "You have a baby!" I thought I'd get smart with her and asked, "oh yeah? Well, where is it?" She didn't skip a beat and pointed to my rapidly expanding waistline. So I asked her how big the baby was if it was hiding in there. Her answer: tiny. So will it be a quiet baby or a loud baby? A quiet one. And is it a baby boy or a baby girl? A baby boy. To be honest, I sort of hope it's a girl so I can name her after my nana who just passed away. I think Elva is a lovely name for a baby girl. And besides, my nana was a pretty classy lady.

I suppose there's a bit of relief now that so many people know. If only that relief came in the form of not feeling sick any more. There may be light at the end of the tunnel, but it still seems so far away...

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